Continuing Education

Code of Ethics 39011HD

All New… Gain a proper understanding of the Code of Ethics and how it applies to real estate activities. Qualifies as the biannual requirement for NAR.  3.5 hours


The Real Estate Tight Rope: Balancing Risk and Practical Application 39011HC

This course covers the major risk management topics: agency, fair housing and diversity, and anti-trust laws and provides licensees with the tools and information necessary to operate within the law. This knowledge will minimize the risk of consumer complaints, lawsuits, and will improve the licensee’s skill overall. 3.5 hours

Realtor Safety: Lessons We Learned in Kindergarten 39011HE

This course is designed to educate the student about professional and personal safety concerns that are an inherent part of the real estate industry. The student will learn how to protect themselves and hot to protect their client’s property by understanding the online and real-life obstacles they must face.  3.5 hours


This course exposes agents to the numerous technology options to make the home buying and selling process easier and user friendly. Smart homes, transaction management, apps and cyber security are some of the many topics touched upon. 3.5 hours

WV Real Estate Law: Legally Sold 39011HG

This course is designed to break down the WV Real Estate Code so that you can gain a proper understanding of the code and how it applies to real estate activities. Contract review is included with a discussion on necessary and practical documentation. The course also covers the TRID regulation changes as they apply to licensee application.  3.5 hours

Growing with Diversity 39011HF

This course is designed to heighten awareness of and sensitivity to the social and cultural constituencies of local real estate markets. Learn about the people who make up the local market, along with their values, customs, real estate needs, and expectations of real estate professionals. Also learn practical skills and tools to increase effectiveness in servicing all social groups. Specifically, the course builds skills in cross-cultural communication and strategic business planning. 3.5 hours

Kith & Kin: How Culture & History Impact WV Real Estate Industry 39011

Kith and Kin, opioids epidemic, medical marijuana and a number of other topics creating unique challenges for the Real Estate Industry in West Virginia. 3.5 hours

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Pending approval:

Selling a Home from Contact to Close 39011

This course offers strategies, tips and techniques to assist the seller in selling the home from the initial contact to the closing table. 3.5 hours


Golden Mountaineers- The aging population in West Virginia 39011

One-third of West Virginia’s population is 50 years old or older. This presents unique challenges for real estate agents. This course covers the skills required to counsel an aging population through the lifestyle transitions particularly to this segment of the population. 3.5 hours