West Virginia REALTOR® Relief Fund

“The purpose of the West Virginia REALTOR® Relief Fund, Inc. is dedicated to relieve the suffering due to unforeseen hardships for our REALTOR® members.*

The WVRRF strives to help with emergency needs such as:

  1. Disaster Relief Assistance (Flood, Fire, etc.)
  2. Urgent Health and Welfare needs such as food and shelter
  3. Funeral Expenses
  4. Unforeseen Family Emergencies
  5. Educational Scholarships

*REALTOR® members mean the member must be in good standing with WVAR and over 18 years of age, check this page.

J. Jackson Pauley Scholarship Fund

Celebration Education Graduation Student Success Learning ConcepOnce the application is received and all information is filled out, the WVRRF /J. Jackson Pauley Scholarship Fund Board of Directors will meet and review the information.  The WVRRF/J. Jackson Pauley Scholarship Fund board will do this as timely as possible in order to process any approved request as soon as possible.

If an immediate emergency, please call the WV Association of REALTORS® office at 1-800-445-7600 24 hours a day.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible, be sure to leave a working phone number to reach you.