WV Realtors Leadership Academy
Building a better future for our members.


“The WVAR Leadership Academy exists to promote, train and acknowledges current and future leaders.  It enables them to better serve their Local, State, and National Associations of REALTORS®, as well as their community through education, knowledge sharing and team building.” 

West Virginia Leadership Academy Applications

are due in August!

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What We Are

The West Virginia Association of REALTORS® Leadership Academy is a program beneficial for members who seek to enhance their leadership abilities and effectiveness within the context of the whole of REALTOR® associations. It is ideal for REALTOR® members who have experience at the local level and who seek an opportunity to maximize their leadership skills and the institutional knowledge needed to employ those skills in leadership positions at the West Virginia Association of REALTORS®.

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Session 1: Government
A day in Charleston, WV to tour the capitol building or a day in Washington DC to tour the NAR building; governance; lobbying; RPAC information; Real Estate Commission duties.

Session 2: Leadership
How to run a meeting; structuring meetings; minute taking; ethics in discussions; Roberts Rule of Order; finance and budgeting; delegation; recruitment; past/current WVAR officers panel.

Session 3: Our Industry and Its Future
Forecasting and trends in the marketplace; technology; REALTORS® resources/benefits from WVAR/NAR; Graduation Ceremony.

Session 4: Communication
Teambuilding exercises (may require some physical activity); etiquette and appearance; public speaking and written communication tips; conflict resolution; leadership styles; personality tests; effective working communication.


  • Pay your tuition prior to your first class
  • Be present and punctual
  • Participate in all meetings and events
  • Participate in specified webinars (if applicable)
  • Complete specific leadership reading and viewing assignments
  • Complete project assignments
  • Contribute to team project work
  • Participate in all correspondence and conference calls with course leaders
  • Demonstrate organizational awareness
  • Know the structure of the organization
  • Respect committee related policies and procedures